"FESTIVE" Litter

"FESTIVE" Litter

Litter Born 24th-25th December 2012

Sire: Dougal Ch Huntingridge Dougetalion

Dam: Kya Terjon Diamond Dream




Not long now
Everyone has arrived
Lillian puppy sitting while their bedding is changed
Growing very fast now at 1 week old
Saran and Hannah making sure Kya is doing it right. LOL
No problem handling their first solid feed
Not much room at the milk bar now.
Play time has begun !
Visiting hours
Exhausted once again
Kya determined to make room
Loving to outside play even in the dirt
The girls getting puppy cuddles OR the puppies getting cuddles from the girls ?
Yes ! The sun is finally shining
We still try to fit in our tub, but not much room now, if any at all !!


Glenda Baldock
Tinonee Via Taree NSW

[email protected]

Dogs NSW Membership No 2100040583






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