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Saran was meant to be with us since first born and she is a real treasure to have living with us. She has made a huge impact on our lives and hearts. Saran has thrived on daily routine and the companionship of us, family, friends and the other dogs. Proving to be a natural, very competent mother


Saran's Litters


"MYSTERY"  Litter born 23rd October 2009


Sire: NKOSI Ch Elangeni Dream Weaver


"YASI" Litter born 2nd February 2011


Sire: NKOSI Ch Elangeni Dream Weaver



"CHOCOLATE" Litter Born 6th April 2012


Sire: DOUGAL Ch Huntingridge Dougetalion



"MANDELA" Litter born 16th December 2013
In honour of the great man Nelson Mandela


Sire: NKOSI Ch Elangeni Dream Weaver





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My favourite toy
First show standing practice
Trotting like the big dogs
I didn't do it. Honest !
Love this Autumn Sunshine
When is it my turn on the grooming table?
First show in pouring rain at Easter Specialty
Saran has settle into the show scene with ease
At almost 5 months she likes to strut her stuff and look to see who is watching her.
OUCH !! I broke my waggly tail.
Back into the show ring
Relaxing on her favourite bed
Saran loves exploring the garden
Watching the clouds in the sunshine
Mmmmm Xmas Dinner
Saran full with the Mystery litter
Saran with her Yasi litter lineup
Chocolate litter not far away
Checking out her babies new toy
Got a bit crowded at the milk bar
Chocolate litter boys
Chocolate litter girls


Glenda Baldock
Tinonee Via Taree NSW

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